3.7. Example static memory interface

The Static Memory Interface (SMI), SMI, is an AMBA-compliant example design that shows the basic requirements of an External Bus Interface (EBI). It is not intended to be a ready-made EBI for a real system because such an EBI design has to take process, package, and varying external delays into account.

The SMI is an AMBA slave module, and connects to the AHB. It contains an AHB Test Interface Controller (TIC) AMBA master block that you can use to test the processor core using externally applied TIF vectors.

You can use the SMI as an interface between an AMBA AHB system bus and external, off-chip, memory devices. The SMI provides support for up to eight independently configurable memory banks simultaneously. Each memory bank is capable of supporting:

Figure 3.7 shows a block diagram of the SMI.

Figure 3.7. SMI components

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