A.3. AHB-Lite slaves

AHB slaves that do not use either the SPLIT or RETRY response can be used in either a full AHB or AHB-Lite system.

Any slave that does use SPLIT or RETRY responses can be used in an AHB-Lite system by adding a standard wrapper. This wrapper provides the ability to store the previous transfer in the case of a SPLIT and RETRY response and restart the transfer when appropriate. This wrapper is very similar to that required to convert an AHB-Lite master for use in a full AHB system.

For compatibility with Multi-layer AHB, it is required that all AHB-Lite slaves still retain support for early terminated bursts.

Figure A.2 shows a more detailed block diagram, including Decoder and slave-to-master multiplexor connections.

Figure A.2. AHB-Lite components

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