4.3. Peripheral to bridge multiplexor

The peripheral to bridge multiplexor, MuxP2B, connects the read data outputs of each APB slave to the APB bridge module, using the PSELx signals to select the required data source. The default configuration is sixteen slots. The read data is switched for the duration of an APB transfer, when the PSELx signal is valid. A default value of zero is used when no slaves are selected. Figure 4.5 shows the peripheral to bridge multiplexor block diagram.

Figure 4.5. Peripheral to bridge multiplexor module components


The MuxP2B is used with the Ahb2Apb which is AMBA 2.0 version compatible. A newer version, the MuxPToB is available to support APB 3.0. It is used with the AhbToApb, which is AMBA version 3.0 compatible.

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