3.12. Synchronous AHB to AHB bridge

The AHB-AHB bridges (Ahb2Ahb32, Ahb2Ahb64, Ahb2AhbPass32, Ahb2AhbPass64, Ahb2AhbSyncDn32, Ahb2AhbSyncDn64, Ahb2AhbSyncUp32, and Ahb2AhbSyncUp64) provide a unidirectional link between two AHB domains. They enable a master to access a slave on another bus, with the transfer initiated from one side only. These bridges enable various synchronous clocking schemes to be implemented between the AHB buses. Each bridge is implemented with an AHB slave interface and an AHB-Lite master interface. These are packaged with an AHB-Lite to AHB master gasket if full AHB master support is required. An asynchronous bridge is also available (see Asynchronous AHB-AHB bridge).

The synchronous bridges have the following features:

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