3.10.1. Ahb2Apb bridge

The Ahb2Apb bridge consists of the following:

Figure 3.14 shows the Ahb2Apb bridge module diagram.

Figure 3.14. Ahb2Apb bridge module

This subsection describes:

Programmer's model

The Aph2Apb bridge controls the memory map for the peripherals, and generates a select signal for each peripheral. Figure 3.15 shows the default system memory map used within the EASY example systems.

Figure 3.15. Allocation of APB memory slots within EASY systems

Signal descriptions

The Aph2Apb bridge uses only AMBA signals. For a description of the AMBA signals, see AMBA signals.


Timing diagrams showing the relationship between AHB and APB transfers are in the APB Specification.

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