3.10.2. AhbToAPB bridge

The AhbToApb bridge consists of the following:

Figure 3.16 shows the AhbToApb bridge module block diagram.

Figure 3.16. AhbToApb bridge module

Signal descriptions

The AhbToApb bridge uses only AMBA signals. For a description of the AMBA signals, see AMBA signals.

Table 3.10 describes the extra signals declared in the AhbToApb bridge including the APB 3.0 signals.

Table 3.10. AhbToAPB Bridge signals

PSELOutputSelect. It indicates that an APB slave is selected and a data transfer is required. PSEL is a combined select output, when HIGH indicates that an APB slave is selected and that a data transfer is required. You can use this signal as an input to an external address decoder.
PREADYInputReady. The APB slave uses this signal to extend an APB transfer.
PSLVERRInputThis signal indicates a transfer failure and is driven by the APB peripheral.


Timing diagrams showing the relationship between AHB and APB 3.0 transfers are in the AMBA 3 APB Protocol Specification.

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