6.1. About the MOVE Coprocessor

The MOVE coprocessor is a video encoding acceleration coprocessor designed to accelerate Motion Estimation (ME) algorithms within block-based video encoding schemes such as MPEG4 and H.263. This is done by providing support for the execution of Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD) calculations, which account for most of the processing activity within an ME algorithm. These algorithms require many comparisons between 8x8 pixel blocks to be made between a current frame and a reference frame.

The MOVE interprets a set of coprocessor instructions that are part of the ARM instruction set. The ARM coprocessor instructions enable the ARM processor to:

The ARM processor acts as an address generator and data pump for the MOVE. The MOVE consists of:

Figure 6.1 shows the major blocks of the MOVE.

Figure 6.1. MOVE overview

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