4.1. About the AHB monitor

The ARM926PXP development chip contains a multi-layer AHB system to provide high bandwidth connectivity between the various bus masters and slaves both within and outside the ARM926PXP development chip. The AHB Monitor connects to the AHB matrix. A slave bus is available for reading bus activity counters.

The release version for the AHB Monitor is SP816. The base address for the AHB registers is 0x101D000.

For further information on AMBA refer to the AMBA Specification.

The AHB Monitor block provides two functions:

The AHB Monitor contains an AHB slave interface to enable the control and retrieval of the monitor data located between 0x101D0000 and 0x101DFFFF on the ARM Data and expansion AHB Layers

The AHB Monitor contains the following blocks that supply the functional elements:

The AHB layer monitors observe the activity on their respective bus signals to produce real-time information, that is exported off-chip, and record statistical information, that is accessible through the AHB slave interface.

The GXI is a dedicated interconnect between the MBX and MPMC. The MBX GXI monitor observes the activity on this interconnect and records statistical information in a similar manner that of the AHB layer monitors.

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