2.4. JTAG logic

The JTAG interface can control one of two TAP controllers. When nBSTAPEN is LOW the boundary scan TAP controller is selected. The boundary scan TAP controller is a Synopsys DesignWare component. When nBSTAPEN is HIGH the ARM926EJ-S processor TAP controller is selected. This is part of the ARM926EJ-S processor debug features.

The ARM926EJ-S processor TAP controller runs at core clock frequency and so some signals must pass through a Multi-ICE Synchronization block. A return clock RTCK is provided to indicate when TDO is valid.

Figure 2.7 shows how the JTAG interface is connected to the boundary scan TAP controller and ARM926EJ-S processor.


There are Pull-ups on input pins nTRST, TDI and TMS.

Figure 2.8 shows how the Multi-ICE synchronization registers are inserted between the JTAG test access port and the ARM926EJ-S processor.

Figure 2.7. JTAG Test Access Port

Figure 2.8. Multi-ICE synchronization

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