12.3. SCI signals on pads

The SCI interface signals connected to the input/output pads are listed in Table 12.2.

Table 12.2. SCI signals

SCICLKINInputPrimeCell SCI clock input.
SCIDATAINInputPrimeCell SCI serial data input.
nSCICLKOUTENOutputTristate output buffer control (active LOW).
SCICLKOUTOutputClock output.
nSCIDATAOUTENOutputData output enable (typically drives an open-drain configuration, active LOW).
nSCICLKENOutputTristate control for external off-chip buffer (active LOW).
nSCIDATAENOutputTristate control for external off-chip buffer (active LOW).
SCIVCCENOutputSupply voltage controls (active HIGH).
nSCICARDRSTOutputReset to card (active LOW).
SCIFCBOutputFunction code bit, used in conjunction with nSCICARDRST.
SCIDETECTInputCard detects signal from card interface device (active HIGH).
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