4.3.33.  AHBMONPeriphID 0 to 3

Bits [7:0] of the four AHBMONPeriphID[3:0] registers form a conceptual 32-bit register that provides a method of identification and version information for the AHB Monitor as shown in Figure 4.3. The bit ranges are shown in Table 4.18.

Figure 4.3. Peripheral ID register

Table 4.18. AHBMONPeriphID

[31:24]ConfigurationReadThis is the configuration option of the peripheral. The configuration value is 0.
[23:20]RevisionReadThis is the revision number of peripheral. The revision number starts from 0.
[19:12]DesignerReadThis is the identification of the designer. ARM Limited. is 0x41, ASCII A.
[11:0]Part numberReadThis identifies the peripheral. The three digit product code is 0x0816.
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