3.3.22. DPM Channel 2 Low Register

The IECDPM2LO Register enables you to read the current count in the low 32-bits of channel 2 of the DPM. It is a read-only register. When read it returns the current count of the low 32 bits of channel 2 of the DPM. The read also causes the high 32-bits of channel 2 to be captured. These high 32 bits are read through the IECDPM2HI Register.


To read all 64-bits of channel 2 of the DPM, you must read the IECDPM2LO Register followed by a read of the IECDPM2HI Register. If you fail to follow this sequence then this results in an incorrect count for channel 2 when read.

Table 3.24 lists the register bit assignments.

Table 3.24. IECDPM2LO Register bit assignments

[31:0]IECDPM2LOLow 32-bits of DPM channel 2 The reset value is 0x00000000.
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