3.2. Summary of registers

Table 3.1 summarizes the IEC registers in base offset order.

Table 3.1. Summary of registers




TypeReset nPORDescription
IECDPCCR0x000R/W0x1See DPC Control Register
IECDVSEMSTR0x004R/W0x63See DVS Emulation Slot Time Register
IECDPCTGTPERF0x008WO0x80See DPC Target Performance Register
IECDPCCRNTPERF0x00CROSystem dependentSee DPC Current Performance Register
IECIMSC0x010R/W0x3See Interrupt Mask Set and Clear Register
IECRIS0x014RO0x0See Raw Interrupt Status Register
IECMIS0x018RO0x0See Masked Interrupt Status Register
IECICR0x01CWO0x0See Interrupt Clear Register
IECCFGCPUFREQ0x020ROSystem dependentSee Configured CPU Frequency Register
IECDPMFREQ0x024ROSystem dependentSee DPM Frequency Register
IECCFGDCGIDXMAP000x040ROSystem dependentSee Configuration Fractional Index Map 00 Register
IECCFGDCGIDXMAP320x044ROSystem dependentSee Configuration Fractional Index Map 32 Register
IECCFGDCGIDXMAP640x048ROSystem dependentSee Configuration Fractional Index Map 64 Register
IECCFGDVCIDXMAP0x04CROSystem dependentSee Configuration DVC Index Map Register
 0x050-0x05C--Reserved. read undefined, do not modify
IECCFGDCGPERFMAP00x060ROSystem dependentSee Configuration Performance Map 0 Register
IECCFGDCGPERFMAP40x064ROSystem dependentSee Configuration Performance Map 4 Register
 0x068-0x0FF-System dependentReserved. read undefined, do not modify
IECDPMCR0x100R/W0x000See DPM Command Register
 0x104--Reserved. read undefined, do not modify
IECDPM2RATE0x108R/W0x80See DPM Channel 2 Rate Register.
IECDPM3RATE0x10CR/W0x80See DPM Channel 3 Rate Register
 0x110-0x17F--Reserved, read undefined, do not modify
IECDPMILO0x180RO0x00000000See DPM Channel 1 Low Register
IECDPM1H10x184RO0x00000000See DPM Channel 1 High Register
IECDPM2LO0x188RO0x00000000See DPM Channel 2 Low Register
IECDPM2HI0x18CRO0x00000000See DPM Channel 2 High Register
IECDPM3LO0x190RO0x00000000See DPM Channel 3 Low Register
IECDPM3HI0x194RO0x00000000See DPM Channel 3 High Register
 0x198-0xEFF--Reserved, read undefined, do not modify
Integration Test Registers0xF00-0xF28  See Test registers
 0xF2C-0xFC8--Reserved, read undefined, do not modify
IECPeriphID40xFD0RO0x03See Peripheral Identification Register 4
IECPeriphID50xFD4RO0x08See Peripheral Identification Register 5
IECPeriphID60xFD8ROReservedSee Peripheral Identification Register 6
IECPeriphID70xFDCROReservedSee Peripheral Identification Register 7
IECPeriphID00xFE0RO0x50See Peripheral Identification Register 0
IECPeriphID10xFE4RO0x17See Peripheral Identification Register 1
IECPeriphID20xFE8RO0x14See Peripheral Identification Register 2
IECPeriphID30xFECRO0x08See Peripheral Identification Register 3
IECID00xFF0RO0x0DSee IEC Identification Register 0
IECID10xFF4RO0xF0See IEC Identification Register 1
IECID20xFF8RO0x05See IEC Identification Register 2
IECID30xFFCRO0xB1See IEC Identification Register 3
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