4.3.3. Integration Test Input Read or Set Register 2

IECITIP2 is a read and write register. In integration test mode, it enables inputs to be both written to and read from.

Figure 4.3 shows the bit assignments for the register.

Figure 4.3. IECITIP2 Register 2 bit assignments

IECITIP2 Register 2 bit assignments

Table 4.4 lists the register bit assignments.

Table 4.4. IECITIP2 Register 2 bit assignments

[31:8]-Reserved, read undefined, do not modify.
[7:0]IECCRNTDCGIDXIntra-chip input. Writes to these bits set the value to be driven onto the inputs IECCRNTDCGIDX[7:0], in the integration test mode. Reads return the value of the IECCRNTDCGIDX[7:0] inputs at the output of the test multiplexer. The reset value is 0x00.
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