2.2. Functional operation

The IPCM generates interrupts under software control. These interrupts normally have data associated with them and can be directed to one or more of up to 32 different interrupt outputs. Each interrupt output corresponds directly to a bit in every Mailbox Source, Mailbox Destination, and Mailbox Mask Register in every mailbox in the IPCM. These registers therefore control which interrupt lines are asserted when messages are sent and acknowledged.

You connect the interrupt outputs to the system interrupt controllers during integration. One or more interrupt outputs can connect to each interrupt controller. Normally the IPCM has at least one interrupt output connected to every interrupt controller in the system, enabling any core to send a message to any other core. When more than one IPCM interrupt is connected to the same interrupt controller, different types of message can be indicated on different interrupt lines, and therefore handled by different ISRs.

A multi-core system normally has at least one IPCM instantiated. More can be instantiated if required. Because the IPCM is configurable, you can have several differently configured IPCMs instantiated in the same system.

The operation of the IPCM is described in more detail in the following sections:

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