A.2. Non-AMBA signals

Table A.4 lists the IPCM configuration signals.

Table A.3. IPCM configuration signals

DATANUM[2:0] InputTied offNumber of data registers in each mailbox
INTNUM[5:0] InputTied offNumber of interrupts
MBOXNUM[5:0] InputTied offNumber of mailboxes

Table A.4 shows the IPCM interrupt signal.

Table A.4. IPCM interrupt signals

IPCMINT[31:0]OutputVectored interrupt controllerIPCM interrupt, active HIGH


The configuration of the IPCM is defined by tieing off the MBOXNUM, INTNUM, and DATANUM input pins, as described in Configuration Status Register.

Table A.5 lists the scan test signals.

Table A.5. Scan test signals

SCANENABLEInputScan controllerScan enable
SCANINHCLKInputScan controllerScan data input for HCLK domain
SCANOUTHCLKOutputScan controllerScan data output for HCLK domain
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