9.16. Comparisons with ETB11

Table 9.24 shows the differences and similarities between ETB11 and CoreSight ETB.

Table 9.24. ETB11 and ETB comparison

ETB11 featureChanges in ETBCommentsReferences
JTAG PortDoes not existAccess is through a single APB bus for memory access and configurationATB interface .
Programmers ModelIntegration into standard PrimeCell peripheral ID register structureExisting registers maintain their current location where requiredETB register descriptions.
Existing registers are modified to support the peripheral ID register structure where requiredETB register descriptions.
AHB InterfacePort is replaced with an AMBA 3 APB interfaceTrace RAM is no longer memory-mapped.ATB interface .
Access is through a single APB bus for memory access and configuration
ETM Trace InterfaceReplacement with an ATB-compliant trace input-See ETB Trace capture and formatting.
Replacement of the Data Formatter block with CoreSight-compliant formatter unit-
ETB Trace RAMSupport for 32-bit RAM only--
Word-width access only required.--
Direct RAM access removed.--
Use of read and write register pointers, with auto-incrementing addresses, like the original JTAG access methodology--

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