9.3.8. ETB RAM Write Data Register, RWD, 0x024

Table 9.12 shows the ETB RAM Write Data Register bit assignments.

Table 9.12. ETB RAM Write Data Register bit assignments

[31:0]R/WRAM Write Data Register, RWD

Data written to the ETB Trace RAM.

When trace capture is disabled, the contents of this register are placed into the ETB Trace RAM when this register is written to. Writing to this register increments the RAM Write Pointer Register.

If trace capture is enabled, and this register is accessed, then a read from this register outputs 0xFFFFFFFF. Reads of this register never increment the RAM Write Pointer Register. A constant stream of 1s being output corresponds to a synchronization output from the ETB. If a write access is attempted, the data is not written into Trace RAM.

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