9.2. ETB programmers model

Table 9.4 shows the ETB registers.

Table 9.4. ETB register summary

OffsetTypeWidthReset valueNameReference Section
0x004RO32Implementation- definedRAM Depth Register, RDPETB RAM Depth Register, RDP, 0x004
0x00CRO320x1000Status Register, STSETB Status Register, STS, 0x00C
0x010RO320x00000000RAM Read Data Register, RRDETB RAM Read Data Register, RRD, 0x010
0x014R/W320x00000000RAM Read Pointer Register, RRPETB RAM Read Pointer Register, RRP, 0x014
0x018R/W320x00000000RAM Write Pointer Register, RWPETB RAM Write Pointer Register, RWP, 0x018
0x01CR/W320x00000000Trigger Counter Register, TRGETB Trigger Counter Register, TRG, 0x01C
0x020R/W320x00000000Control Register, CTLETB Control Register, CTL, 0x020
0x024WO320x00000000RAM Write Data Register, RWDETB RAM Write Data Register, RWD, 0x024
0x300RO20x10Formatter and Flush Status Register, FFSRETB Formatter and Flush Status Register, FFSR, 0x300
0x304R/W130x0200Formatter and Flush Control Register, FFCRETB Formatter and Flush Control Register, FFCR, 0x304
0xEE0WO2-Integration Register, ITMISCOP0ETB Integration Test Registers
0xEE4WO2-Integration Register, ITTRFLINACKIntegration Test Trigger In and Flush In Acknowledge Register, ITTRFLINACK, 0xEE4
0xEE8RO2UndefinedIntegration Register, ITTRFLINIntegration Test Trigger In and Flush In Register, ITTRFLIN, 0xEE8
0xEECRO5UndefinedIntegration Register, ITATBDATA0Integration Test ATB Data Register 0, ITATBDATA0, 0xEEC
0xEF0WO2-Integration Register, ITATBCTR2Integration Test ATB Control Register 2, ITATBCTR2, 0xEF0
0xEF4RO7UndefinedIntegration Register, ITATBCTR1Integration Test ATB Control Register 1, ITATBCTR1, 0xEF4
0xEF8RO10UndefinedIntegration Register, ITATBCTR0Integration Test ATB Control Register 0, ITATBCTR0, 0xEF8
0xF00R/W10x0Integration Mode Control RegisterETB CoreSight management registers
0xFA0R/W40xFClaim Tag Set Register
0xFA4R/W40x0Claim Tag Clear Register
0xFB0WO32-Lock Access Register
0xFB4RO30x0/0x3Lock Status Register
0xFB8RO80x00Authentication Status Register
0xFC8RO320x00Device ID
0xFCCRO80x21Device Type Identifier Register
0xFD0RO80x04Peripheral ID4
0xFD4RO80x00 (reserved)Peripheral ID5
0xFD8RO 80x00 (reserved)Peripheral ID6
0xFDCRO 80x00 (reserved)Peripheral ID7
0xFE0RO80x07Peripheral ID0
0xFE4RO80xB9Peripheral ID1
0xFE8RO80x2BPeripheral ID2ETB CoreSight management registers
0xFECRO80x00Peripheral ID3
0xFF0RO80x0DComponent ID0
0xFF4RO80x90Component ID1
0xFF8RO80x05Component ID2
0xFFCRO80xB1Component ID3

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