7.4. CSTF Integration Test Registers

Integration Test Registers are provided to simplify the process of verifying the integration of the CSTF with other devices in a CoreSight system. These registers enable direct control of outputs and the ability to read the value of inputs. You must only use these registers when the Integration Mode Control Register (0xF00) bit [0] is set to 1.

There must be no trace in the system when you use the Integration registers. You use the same integration registers to check all the ATB slave interfaces in addition to the ATB master interface. To select which slave interface is connected to the integration registers, you must select the interface using the CSTF Control register at 0x000. For integration purposes you must only enable one port at any time. When checking the ATB master port, the value of the CSTF Control Register has no effect.

For example, to read the ATVALIDS1 input the CSTF Control Register must be set to 0x02 to only select slave port 1, then a read of ITATBCTR0 bit 0 yields the value of ATVALIDS1.

To set the value of ATVALIDM, the value in the CSTF Control Register is irrelevant and a write to ITATBCTR0 bit 0 sets the value of ATVALIDM.

For full details of how to use the integration registers in a system to verify the integration of multiple devices see the CoreSight Components Implementation Guide and the applicable Integration Manual.

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