9.7. Flush assertion

All three flush generating conditions can be enabled together:

If more flush events are generated while a flush is in progress, the current flush is serviced before the next flush is started. Only one request for each source of flush can be pended. If a subsequent flush request signal is deasserted while the flush is still being serviced or pended, a second flush is not generated.

Flush from FLUSHIN takes priority over Flush from Trigger, which in turn is completed before a manually activated flush. The operation of the flush mechanism is defined in the CoreSight Architecture Specification.

Figure 9.15 shows a flowchart defining the conditions for generating a flush on the ATB interface.

Figure 9.15. Generation of flush on FLUSHIN

Figure 9.16 shows generation of flush from a trigger.

Figure 9.16. Generation of flush from a trigger event

Figure 9.17 shows generation of flush from manual.

Figure 9.17. Generation of a flush on manual

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