2.12.1. ROM table registers

Table 2.42 shows the ROM table registers. The values of the table entries depend on the CoreSight subsystem that is implemented.

Table 2.42. ROM table registers

0xFDC-[7:0]Peripheral ID7Reserved SBZ. Read as 0x00.
0xFD8-[7:0]Peripheral ID6Reserved SBZ. Read as 0x00.
0xFD4-[7:0]Peripheral ID5Reserved SBZ. Read as 0x00.
0xFD0RO[7:4]Peripheral ID44KB count, set to 0x0.
[3:0]JEP106 continuation code, implementation defined.
0xFECRO[7:4]Peripheral ID3RevAnd, at top level, implementation defined.
[3:0]Customer Modified, implementation defined.
0xFE8RO[7:4]Peripheral ID2Revision number of Peripheral, implementation defined.

1 = indicates that a JEDEC assigned value is used.

0 = indicates that a JEDEC assigned value is not used.

[2:0] JEP106 Identity Code [6:4], implementation defined.
0xFE4RO[7:4]Peripheral ID1JEP106 Identity Code [3:0], implementation defined.
[3:0]PartNumber1, implementation defined.
0xFE0RO[7:0]Peripheral ID0PartNumber0, implementation defined.
0xFF0RO[7:0]Component ID0Preamble. Set to 0x0D.
0xFF4RO[7:0]Component ID1Preamble. Set to 0x10.
0xFF8RO[7:0]Component ID2Preamble. Set to 0x05.
0xFFCRO[7:0]Component ID3Preamble. Set to 0xB1.

The ROM table has a specific PrimeCell class. In all registers 0xFD0-0xFFC, bits [31:8] are reserved and should be read as zero. Locations 0xF00-0xFCC are reserved and should be read as zero.

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