8.8. TPIU triggers

Currently the only usage of triggers is by the trace capture device. This method is straightforward when using one trace source. When using multiple trace sources there can be a time disparity between the trace sources that generate a trigger to when the trigger packet, from trace sources, appears at the output of the trace port. See the CoreSight Architecture Specification for more information on triggers.

The outside world could interpret a trigger as an event that occurred. This could be:

Table 8.20 extends the ETMv3 specification on how a trigger is represented

Table 8.20. CoreSight representation of triggers

0xxNoYesNormal Trace Data
100YesYesTrigger Packet[a]

[a] The trigger packet encoding is required for the current ETMv3 protocol that uses a special encoding for triggers that always occur on the lower bits of TRACEDATA.

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