8.7. TPIU trace port sizes

The TPIU is configured for the largest port size allowable, 32 bits of TRACEDATA, TRACECLK, and TRACECTL.

Table 8.19 shows some typical Trace Out Port sizes.

Table 8.19. Example Trace Out Port sizes

TRACECLK presentTRACECTL presentTRACEDATA widthTotal pin countComment
YesYes32 bits [31:0]34Largest implementation
YesNo9 bits [8:0]10Extra data pin available in comparison to the typical ETM implementation.
YesYes8 bits [7:0]10Typical ETM-compatible TPA implementation.
YesYes2 bits [1:0]4Smallest implementation with typical TPAs.
YesNo1 bit [0]2Smallest implementation with a protocol-aware TPA

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