2.5.3. Debug Port registers overview

Table 2.6 summarizes the DP registers, and lists which registers are implemented on a JTAG-DP and which are implemented on a SW-DP.

Table 2.6. Summary of Debug Port registers

NameDescriptionJTAG-DPSW-DPFor description see section
ABORTAP Abort RegisterYesYesAP Abort Register, ABORT
IDCODEID Code RegisterYesYesIdentification Code Register, IDCODE
CTRL/STATDP Control/Status RegisterYesYesControl/Status Register, CTRL/STAT
SELECTSelect RegisterYesYesAP Select Register, SELECT
RDBUFFRead BufferYesYesRead Buffer, RDBUFF
WCRWire Control RegisterNoYesWire Control Register, WCR (SW-DP only)
TARGETIDTarget Identification RegisterNoYesTarget Identification Register, TARGETID (SW-DP only)
DLPIDRData Link Protocol Identification RegisterNoYesData Link Protocol Identification Register, DLPIDR (SW-DP only)
RESENDRead Resend RegisterNoYesRead Resend Register, RESEND (SW-DP only)

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