4.4.5. CTI Application Pulse Register, CTIAPPPULSE, 0x01C

The CTI Application Pulse Register is write-only. A write to this register causes a channel event pulse, one CTICLK period, to be generated, corresponding to the bit written to. The pulse external to the ECT can be extended to multi-cycle by the handshaking interface circuits. This register clears itself immediately, so it can be repeatedly written to without software having to clear it.

Figure 4.7 shows the bit assignments.

Figure 4.7. CTI Application Pulse Register bit assignments

Table 4.6 shows the bit assignments.

Table 4.6. CTI Application Pulse Register bit assignments

[31:4]-Reserved RAZ DNM.

Setting a bit HIGH generates a channel event pulse for the selected channel.


1 = channel event pulse generated for one CTICLK period

0 = no effect.

There is one bit of the register for each channel.


The CTIINEN registers do not affect the CTIAPPPULSE operation.

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