11.4.4. Lock Status Register, 0xFB4 [2:0]

The Lock Status Register indicates the status of the lock control mechanism, and is used in conjunction with the Lock Access Register.

Table 11.3 shows the bit assignments.

Table 11.3. Lock Status Register bit assignments

[31:3]-Reserved RAZ/SBZP.
[2]8-BITAccess Lock Register size. This bit reads 0 to indicate a 32-bit register is present.
[1]STATUSLock Status. This bit is HIGH when the device is locked, and LOW when unlocked.
[0]IMPLock mechanism is implemented. This bit always reads 1.


When PADDRDBG31 is HIGH, the Lock Access Mechanism is bypassed and the Lock Status Register does not reflect the actual status of the Lock Access, and the register reads zero.

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