2.8.5. APB-AP Transfer Address Register, TAR, 0x04

The Transfer Address Register holds the address of the current transfer. Figure 2.23 shows the bit assignments.

Figure 2.23. APB-AP Transfer Address Register bit assignments

Writes to the Transfer Address Register from the DAP interface write to bits [31:2] only. Bits [1:0] of DAPWDATA are ignored on writes to the Transfer Address Register. Table 2.30 shows the bit assignments.

Table 2.30. APB-AP Transfer Address Register bit assignments


Address[31:2] of the current transfer.

PADDR[31:2]=TAR[31:2] for accesses from Data Read/Write Register at 0x0C.

PADDR[31:2]=TAR[31:4]+DAPADDR[3:2] for accesses from Banked Data Registers at 0x10-0x1C and 0x0C.

[1:0]-Reserved SBZSet to 2’b00. SBZ/RAZ.

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