2.12.2. ROM table entries

Table 2.43 shows the ROM table entries bit assignments for each entry in the 0x000-0xEFC region.

Table 2.43. ROM table entries bit assignments

[31:12]Address offset

Base address of the component, relative to the ROM address. Negative values are permitted using two's complement.

ComponentAddress = ROMAddress + (AddressOffset SHL 12).

[11:2]-Reserved SBZ.

1 = 32-bit format. In the DAP Debug ROM this is set to 1.

0 = 8-bit format.

[0]Entry presentSet HIGH to indicate an entry is present.

The last entry in the ROM table has the value 0x00000000, which is reserved.If the CoreSight component occupies several consecutive 4KB blocks, the base address of the lowest block in memory is given. The locations of components are stored in sequential locations with the ROM table. The entry following the last component in the table must read 0x00000000, and subsequent locations are assumed to read as zero.

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