4.8.2. Trigger outputs

The trigger outputs must be masked by DBGEN where they might otherwise affect the behavior of a running system and do not first require to be specifically enabled by the system. Table 4.31 shows the signals recommended in the CoreSight Architecture Specification.

Table 4.31. ECT recommended trigger outputs

Destination signalDestination deviceMasking requiredComments


CoreNoThis signal is ignored when DBGEN is LOW, and requires no more masking.
VICINTSOURCEVICNoPrivileged system software must explicitly enable the interrupt source for this to have any effect.

nIRQ (inverted)

CoreYesDirectly changes the execution flow of the core.
EXTINETMNoOnly affects the operation of the ETM.


CoreNoOnly affects the operation of the debug logic.
ETMEXTOUTCoreNoOnly affects the operation of the PMU.

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