9.6.4. Stopping tracing

The stopping of tracing is indicated by FtStopped HIGH in the Formatter and Flush Status Register. This is set by:

Figure 9.14 shows a flowchart defining the conditions for stopping trace capture.

Figure 9.14. Conditions for stopping trace capture

StopTrig and StopFl in the Formatter and Flush Control Register can be enabled at the same time. For example, if FOnTrig in the Formatter and Flush Control Register is set to perform a flush on a trigger event, but StopTrig is HIGH, none of the flushed data is stored, because StopTrig is HIGH. If the situation requires that all the flushed data is captured StopTrig must be LOW and StopFl must be HIGH in this situation.

When the formatter stops, ATREADYS is output HIGH to prevent an ATB bus from stalling, which is important when a replicator is present, but the received data is ignored.

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