14.9. Unaligned accesses that cross regions

The CM3Core supports ARMv6 unaligned accesses, and performs all accesses as single, unaligned accesses. They are converted into two or more aligned accesses by the DCode and System bus interfaces.


All Cortex-M3 external accesses are aligned.

Unaligned support is only available for load/store singles (LDR, STR). Load/store double already supports word aligned accesses, but does not permit other unaligned accesses, and generates a fault if this is attempted.

Unaligned accesses that cross memory map boundaries are architecturally Unpredictable. The processor behavior is boundary dependent, as follows:

Unaligned accesses that cross into the bit-band alias regions are also architecturally Unpredictable. The processor performs the access to the bit-band alias address, but this does not result in a bit-band operation. For example, an unaligned halfword access to 0x21FFFFFF is performed as a byte access to 0x21FFFFFF followed by a byte access to 0x22000000 (the first byte of the bit-band alias).

Unaligned loads that match against a literal comparator in the FPB are not remapped. FPB only remaps aligned addresses.

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