13.2.1. Summary of the TPIU registers

Table 13.4 provides a summary of the TPIU registers.

Table 13.4. TPIU registers

Name of registerTypeAddressReset valuePage
Supported Sync Port Sizes RegisterRead-only0xE00400000bxx0xSupported Sync Port Sizes Register
Current Sync Port Size RegisterRead/write0xE00400040x01Current Sync Port Size Register
Async Clock Prescaler RegisterRead/write0xE00400100x0000Async Clock Prescaler Register
Selected Pin Protocol RegisterRead/write0xE00400F00x01Selected Pin Protocol Register
Trigger control registersRead-only0xE0040100 to 0xE0040108-Trigger control registers
EXTCTL port registersRead-only--EXTCTL port registers
Test pattern registersRead-only0xE0040200 to 0xE0040208-Test pattern registers
Formatter and Flush Status RegisterRead-only0xE00403000x08Formatter and Flush Status Register
Formatter and Flush Control RegisterRead/write0xE00403040x102Formatter and Flush Control Register
Formatter Synchronization Counter RegisterRead-only0xE00403080x00Formatter Synchronization Counter Register
Integration Register: ITATBCTR2Read-only0xE0040EF00x0Integration Test Registers
Integration Register: ITATBCTR0Read-only0xE0040EF80x0Integration Test Registers
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