8.1. About the NVIC


The NVIC supports up to 240 dynamically reprioritizable interrupts each with up to 256 levels of priority. The NVIC and the processor core interface are closely coupled, which enables low latency interrupt processing and efficient processing of late arriving interrupts. The NVIC maintains knowledge of the stacked (nested) interrupts to enable tail-chaining of interrupts.

You can only fully access the NVIC from privileged mode, but you can pend interrupts in user-mode if you enable the Configuration Control Register (see Configuration Control Register). Any other user-mode access causes a bus fault.

All NVIC registers are accessible using byte, halfword, and word unless otherwise stated.

All NVIC registers and system debug registers are little endian regardless of the endianness state of the processor.

Processor exception handling is described in Chapter 5 Exceptions.

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