A.5. ICode interface

Table A.5 lists the signals of the ICode interface.

Table A.5. ICode interface

HADDRI[31:0]Output32-bit instruction address bus
HTRANSI[1:0]OutputIndicates whether the current transfer is IDLE or NONSEQUENTIAL.
HSIZEI[2:0]OutputIndicates the size of the instruction fetch. All instruction fetches are 32-bit on Cortex-M3.
HBURSTI[2:0]OutputIndicates if the transfer is part of a burst. All instruction fetches and literal loads are performed as SINGLE on Cortex-M3.

Provides information on the access. Always indicates cacheable and non-bufferable on this bus.

HPROTI[0] = 0 indicates instruction fetch

HPROTI[0] = 1 indicates vector fetch

MEMATTRI[1:0]OutputMemory attributes. Always 01 for this bus (non-shareable, allocate).

Provides hint information on the current or coming AHB fetch requests. Conditional opcodes could be a speculation and subsequently discarded.0000 No hint0001 Conditional branch backwards in decode

0010 Conditional branch in decode

0011 Conditional branch in execute

0100 Unconditional branch in decode

0101 Unconditional branch in execute

0110 Reserved

0111 Reserved

1000 Conditional branch in decode taken (cycle after IHTRANS)

1001 ... 1111 Reserved

HRDATAI[31:0]InputInstruction read bus.
HREADYIInputWhen HIGH indicates that a transfer has completed on the bus. This signal is driven LOW to extend a transfer.
HRESPI[1:0]InputThe transfer response status. OKAY or ERROR.
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