5.12.3. Fault status registers and fault address registers

Each fault has a fault status register with a flag for that fault.

There are:

Depending on the cause, one of the five status registers has a bit set.

There are two Fault Address Registers (FAR):

A flag in the corresponding fault status register indicates when the address in the fault address register is valid.


BFAR and MFAR are the same physical register. Because of this, the BFARVALID and MFARVALID bits are mutually exclusive.

Table 5.12 shows the fault status registers and two fault address registers.

Table 5.12. Fault status and fault address registers

Status Register nameHandlerAddress Register nameDescription
HFSRHard Fault-Escalation and Special
MMSRMem ManageMMARMPU faults
BFSRBus FaultBFARBus faults
UFSRUsage Fault-Usage fault
DFSRDebug Monitor or Halt-Debug traps
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