13.1.2. TPIU components

A description of the main components of the TPIU is given in the following sections:

Asynchronous FIFO

The asynchronous FIFO enables trace data to be driven out at a speed that is not dependent on the speed of the core clock.


The formatter inserts source ID signals into the data packet stream so that trace data can be re-associated with its trace source. The formatter is always active when the TRACEPORT mode is active.

Trace out

The trace out block serializes formatted data before it goes off-chip.

AMBA Trace Bus interface

The TPIU accepts trace data from a trace source, either direct from a trace source (ETM or ITM) or using a Trace Funnel. For more information, see AMBA Trace Bus interface.

Advanced Peripheral Bus interface

The APB interface is the programming interface for the TPIU. For more information, see Advanced Peripheral Bus interface.

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