7.2.2. AHB-AP programmers model

Table 7.5 shows the AHB-AP registers. If the AHB-AP is not present, these registers read as zero. Any register that is not specified in this table reads as zero.

Table 7.5. AHB-AP register summary



0x00CSWRWSee registerAHB-AP Control and Status Word Register, CSW
0x04TARRW-AHB-AP Transfer Address Register
0x0CDRWRW-AHB-AP Data Read/Write Register
0x10BD0RW -AHB-AP Banked Data Register0
0x14BD1RW -AHB-AP Banked Data Register1
0x18BD2RW-AHB-AP Banked Data Register2
0x1CBD3RW-AHB-AP Banked Data Register3
0xF8DBGDRARRO0xE00FF003AHB-AP ROM Address Register
0xFC IDRRO0x24770011AHB-AP Identification Register

[a] The offset given in this table is relative to the location of the AHB-AP in the DAP memory space. This space is only visible from the access port. It is not part of the processor memory map.

The following sections describe the AHB-AP registers whose implementation is specific to this processor. Other registers are described in the CoreSight Components Technical Reference Manual.

AHB-AP Control and Status Word Register, CSW

The CSW characteristics are:


Configures and controls transfers through the AHB interface.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


This register is available in all processor configurations.


See the register summary in Table 7.5.

Figure 7.2 shows the CSW bit assignments.

Figure 7.2. CSW bit assignments

Table 7.6 shows the CSW bit assignments.

Table 7.6. CSW bit assignments

[31:30]-Reserved. Read as 0b00.

0 = core.

1 = debug.

This bit must not be changed if a transaction is outstanding. A debugger must first check bit [7], TransInProg.

Reset value = 0b1.

An implementation can configure this bit to be read only with a value of 1. In that case, transactions are always indicated as debug.

[28:26]-Reserved, 0b000.

User and Privilege control - HPROT[1].

Reset value = 0b1.

[24]-Reserved, 0b1.
[23:12]-Reserved, 0x000.

Mode of operation bits:

b0000 = normal download and upload mode

b0001-b1111 are reserved.

Reset value = 0b0000.

[7]TransInProgTransfer in progress. This field indicates if a transfer is in progress on the APB master port.
[6] DbgStatus

Indicates the status of the DAPEN port.

1 = AHB transfers permitted.

0 = AHB transfers not permitted.


Auto address increment and pack mode on Read or Write data access. Only increments if the current transaction completes with no error.

Auto address incrementing and packed transfers are not performed on access to Banked Data registers 0x10 - 0x1C. The status of these bits is ignored in these cases.

Increments and wraps within a 4-KB address boundary, for example from 0x1000 to 0x1FFC. If the start is at 0x14A0, then the counter increments to 0x1FFC, wraps to 0x1000, then continues incrementing to 0x149C.

0b00 = auto increment off.

0b01 = increment single. Single transfer from corresponding byte lane.

0b10 = increment packed.[b]

0b11 = reserved. No transfer.

Size of address increment is defined by the Size field [2:0].

Reset value: 0b00.


Size of access field:

b000 = 8 bits

b001 = 16 bits

b010 = 32 bits

b011-111 are reserved.

Reset value: b000.

[a] When clear, this bit prevents the debugger from setting the C_DEBUGEN bit in the Debug Halting Control and Status Register, and so prevents the debugger from being able to halt the processor.

[b] See the definition of packed transfers in the ARM Debug Interface v5 Architecture Specification.

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