7.1.2. System Control Space

If debug is implemented, the processor provides debug through registers in the SCS. See:

SCS CoreSight identification

Table 7.3 shows the SCS CoreSight identification registers and values for debugger detection. Final debugger identification of the Cortex-M3 processor is through the CPUID register in the SCS. See CPUID Base Register, CPUID.

Table 7.3. SCS identification values

0xE000EFD0 Peripheral ID40x00000004Component and Peripheral ID register formats in the ARMv7-M Architectural Reference Manual
0xE000EFE0Peripheral ID00x0000000C
0xE000EFE4Peripheral ID10x000000B0
0xE000EFE8Peripheral ID20x0000000B
0xE000EFECPeripheral ID30x00000000
0xE000EFF0Component ID00x0000000D
0xE000EFF4Component ID10x000000E0
0xE000EFF8Component ID20x00000005
0xE000EFFCComponent ID30x000000B1

See the ARMv7-M Architectural Reference Manual and the ARM CoreSight Components Technical Reference Manual for more information about the SCS CoreSight identification registers, and their addresses and access types.

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