4.3.3. Auxiliary Fault Status Register, AFSR

The AFSR characteristics are:


Specifies additional system fault information to software.

Usage Constraints

The AFSR flags map directly onto the AUXFAULT inputs of the processor, and a single-cycle high level on an external pin causes the corresponding AFSR bit to become latched as one. The bit can only be cleared by writing a one to the corresponding AFSR bit.

When an AFSR bit is written or latched as one, an exception does not occur. If you require an exception, you must use an interrupt.


This register is available in all processor configurations.


See the register summary in Table 4.1.

Figure 4.3 shows the AFSR bit assignments.

Figure 4.3. AFSR bit assignments

Table 4.4 shows the AFSR bit assignments.

Table 4.4. AFSR bit assignments

[31:0]AUXFAULTLatched version of the AUXFAULT inputs.

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