10.3.10. Device Power-Down Status Register, ETMPDSR

The ETMPDSR characteristics are:


Indicates the power-down status of the ETM.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


This register is only available if the processor is configured to use an ETM.


See the register summary in Table 10.6

Figure 10.9 shows the ETMPDSR bit assignments.

Figure 10.9. ETMPDSR bit assignments

Table 10.14 shows the ETMPDSR bit assignments.

Table 10.14. ETMPDSR bit assignments


Reserved, Read-As-Zero.

[0]ETM powered up

The value of this bit indicates whether you can access the ETM Trace Registers. The value of this bit is always 1, indicating that the ETM Trace Registers can be accessed.

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