1.3.1. Directed, integration and system environments

The directed, integration and system environments are based on the ADK EASY_FRBM. They consist of a single layer bus structure with timers, DMAC and IC. Because this is a fixed architecture, the memory mapping has been altered to reflect the Integrator AP memory map. This enables the same environment to be simulated with an File Reader Bus Master (FRBM), DSM model or placed into an FPGA for testing in the Integrator AP environment.

Figure 1.2 shows the Directed, integration and system environments. All the components within the PTB box are common components between all three environments. This enables migration and debugging of tests to occur between environments with minimal overhead.

Figure 1.2. Directed, integration and system environments

The PTB contains the RTL code required to perform the basic tests. It also contains behavioral protocol checkers and property checking. These are both non synthesizable.

DMAC handling

If you do not require the DMAC, or if it is not present, the FRBM can poll the PTB event register waiting for the DMA request going active, through the DMACSREQ, DMACBREQ, DMACLSREQ and DMACLBREQ signals, and then mimic the DMAC operations by performing transfers to/from the PrimeCell. After completing the DMA transfers it then writes to the PTB to clear the DMAC request signals. This drives DMACCLR and DMACTC.

Interrupt handling

If you do not require the Interrupt Controller, or it is not present, then the FRBM can use the PTB for interrupt monitoring. The FRBM requires only to poll the PTB event register waiting for an interrupt to occur, it then continues clearing down the interrupt by accessing the PrimeCell and finally checks that the interrupt is cleared by polling the PTB event register.

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