1.1. About the ETM-R4

The ETM-R4 macrocell provides real-time instruction trace and data trace for the Cortex‑R4 microprocessor. The ETM-R4 generates information that trace software tools use to reconstruct the execution of all or part of a program.

For full reconstruction of program execution, the ETM-R4 is able to trace:

The ETM-R4 contains logic, known as resources, that enables you to control tracing by specifying the exact set of triggering and filtering conditions required for a particular application. Resources include address comparators and data value comparators, counters, and sequencers.

The ETM-R4 is a CoreSight component, and is an integral part of the ARM Real-time Debug solution, RealView®. For more information about CoreSight, see the CoreSight Architecture Specification and CoreSight Technology System Design Guide. For more information about the ETM architecture, see the Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification.

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