Further reading

This section lists publications by ARM and by third parties.

See http://infocenter.arm.com for access to ARM documentation.

ARM publications

This book contains information that is specific to this product. See the following documents for other relevant information:

  • CoreSight ETM‑R4 Configuration and Sign-off Guide (ARM DII 0132)

  • CoreSight ETM‑R4 Integration Manual (ARM DII 0133)

  • Embedded Trace Macrocell™ Architecture Specification (ARM IHI 0014)

  • CoreSight Components Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0314)

  • CoreSight Design Kit R4 Integration Manual (ARM DII 0134)

  • ARM Reference Peripheral Specification (ARM DDI 0062)

  • Cortex-R4 Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0363)

  • CoreSight Architecture Specification (ARM IHI 0020)

  • CoreSight Technology System Design Guide (ARM DGI 0012)

  • AMBA™ 3 APB Protocol Specification (ARM IHI 0024)

  • AMBA 3 ATB Protocol Specification (ARM IHI 0032).

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