1.1.1. Data Engine

The design can include a Data Engine. The following sections describe the Data Engine options:

Media Processing Engine

The optional Media Processing Engine (MPE) implements ARM NEON technology, a media and signal processing architecture that adds instructions targeted at audio, video, 3-D graphics, image, and speech processing. Advanced SIMD instructions are available in both ARM and Thumb states.

The optional MPE also implements a VFPv3-D32 Floating-Point Unit.

See the Cortex-A9 NEON Media Processing Engine Technical Reference Manual.

Floating-Point Unit

When the design does not include the optional MPE, you can include the optional ARMv7 VFPv3-D16 FPU, without the Advanced SIMD extensions. It provides trapless execution and is optimized for scalar operation. It can generate an Undefined instruction exception on vector instructions that lets the programmer emulate vector capability in software.

See the Cortex-A9 Floating-Point Unit Technical Reference Manual.

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