10.4.1. Processor ID Registers

The Processor ID Registers are read-only registers that return the same values as the corresponding CP15 ID Code Register and Feature ID Register.

Table 10.10 shows the offset value, register number, mnemonic, and description that are associated with each Process ID Register.

Table 10.10. Processor Identifier Registers

Offset (hex)Register numberMnemonic Register valueDescription
0xD00832CPUIDROInput dependentID Code Register
0xD04833CTYPRRO0x80038003Cache Type Register
0xD0C835TTYPRRO0x00000400TLB Type Register
0xD20840ID_PFR0RO0x00001231Processor Feature Register 0
0xD24841ID_PFR1RO0x00000011Processor Feature Register 1
0xD28842ID_DFR0RO0x00010444Debug Feature Register 0
0xD2C843ID_AFR0RAZ-Auxiliary Feature Register 0
0xD30844ID_MMFR0RO0x00100103Memory Model Feature Register 0
0xD34845ID_MMFR1RO0x20000000Memory Model Feature Register 1
0xD38846ID_MMFR2RO0x01230000Memory Model Feature Register 2
0xD3C847ID_MMFR3RO0x00002111Memory Model Feature Register 3
0xD40848ID_ISAR0RO0x00101111Instruction Set Attribute Register 0
0xD44849ID_ISAR1RO0x13112111Instruction Set Attribute Register 1
0xD48850ID_ISAR2RO0x21232041Instruction Set Attribute Register 2
0xD4C851ID_ISAR3RO0x11112131Instruction Set Attribute Register 3
0xD50852ID_ISAR4RO0x00011142Instruction Set Attribute Register 4
0xD54853ID_ISAR5RAZ-Instruction Set Attribute Register 5

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