8.2.3. PLE FIFO Status Register

The PLEFSR characteristics are:


Indicates how many entries remain available in the PLE FIFO.

Usage constraints

The PLEFSR is:

  • Common to Secure and Non-secure states

  • Accessible in User and Privileged modes, regardless of any configuration bit.

NSAC.PLE controls Non-secure accesses.


Available in all Cortex-A9 configurations regardless of whether a PLE is present or not.


Figure 8.3 shows the PLEFSR bit assignments.

Figure 8.3. PLESFR bit assignments

Table 8.3 shows the PLEFSR bit assignments.

Table 8.3. PLESFR bit assignments

[4:0]Available entries

Number of available entries in the PLE FIFO

This is the difference between the total number of entries in the FIFO, which is configuration-specific, and the number of entries already programmed.

Use the PLESFR to check that an entry is available before programming a new PLE channel.

To access the PLESFR, use:

MRC p15, 0, <Rt>, c11, c0, 4; Read the PLESFR
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