4.2.7. Cache Level ID Register

The CLIDR characteristics are:


Indicates the cache levels that are implemented.

Usage constraints

The CLIDR is:

  • only accessible in privileged modes.

  • common to the Secure and Non-secure states.


Available in all configurations.


See the register summary in Table 4.7.

Figure 4.4 shows the CLIDR bit assignments.

Figure 4.4. CLIDR bit assignments

Table 4.5 shows the CLIDR bit assignments.

Table 4.5. CLIDR bit assignments

[31:30]-UNP or SBZ
[29:27]LoUb001 = Level of unification
[26:24]LoCb001 = Level of coherency
[23:21]LoUISb001 = Level of Unification Inner Shareable.
[20:18]CL 7b000 = No cache at CL 7
[17:15]CL 6b000 = No cache at CL 6
[14:12]CL 5b000 = No cache at CL 5
[11:9]CL 4b000 = No cache at CL 4
[8:6]CL 3b000 = No cache at CL 3
[5:3]CL 2b000 = No unified cache at CL 2
[2:0]CL 1b011 = Separate instruction and data caches at CL 1

To access the CLIDR, use:

MRC p15, 1,<Rd>, c0, c0, 1; Read CLIDR
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