The signal conventions are:

Signal level

The level of an asserted signal depends on whether the signal is active-HIGH or active-LOW. Asserted means:

  • HIGH for active-HIGH signals

  • LOW for active-LOW signals.

Lower-case n

At the start or end of a signal name denotes an active-LOW signal.

Prefix A

Denotes Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) global and address channel signals.

Prefix AF

Denotes Advanced Trace Bus (ATB) flush control signals.

Prefix AR

Denotes AXI read address channel signals.

Prefix AT

Denotes ATB data flow signals.

Prefix AW

Denotes AXI write address channel signals.

Prefix B

Denotes AXI write response channel signals.

Prefix C

Denotes AXI low-power interface signals.

Prefix H

Denotes Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) signals.

Prefix P

Denotes Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) signals.

Prefix R

Denotes AXI read channel signals.

Prefix W

Denotes AXI write channel signals.

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