A.5. Standby and Wait For Event signals

Table A.6 shows standby and wait for event signals.

Table A.6. Standby and wait for event signals

NameI/OSource or destinationDescription
EVENTIIExternal coherent agent

Event input for Cortex-A9 processor wake-up from WFE state.


Event output. This signal is active HIGH during one CPU clock cycle when one SEV instruction is executed.

STANDBYWFIOPower controller

Indicates if the CPU is in WFI state:

0 = processor not in standby state

1 = processor in standby state.


Indicates if the CPU is in WFE state:

0 = processor not in wait for event state

1 = processor in wait for event state.

See Wait for interrupt (WFI/WFE) mode.

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